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Creative Dance Showcase

so pop some popcorn, press play,
sit back, relax, and enjoy the show


 Creative Dance: What is It and Why We Do It

 Hi  I'm Coach G aka  the Creative Dance Music and Video Director/Editor, Set Artistic Director, and "Debbie Allen of Fame" muse. I enjoy doing Creative Dance with my kiddos, though it's a lot of hard work, because I love encouraging and bringing out the best in them!  They have so much pride in what they create and it empowers them to do even greater things!

Read more about this year's theme and dances below...


Showtime Creative Dance Welcome Pic.png

Up Close Video

of the Background Set


Showcase Viewing PARTY

Press the Play Button on the videbelow to view!

Showcase 3rd Graders Striking a Pose!

Showcase 4th Graders Striking a Pose!

Showcase 5th Graders Striking a Pose!

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